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LALO Tequila

Creative Team: Me (Luisa Koitzsch), Yesenia Rodval, Evana Flores
CCO: Serge Flores

In anticipation of National Paloma day, we sought to reclaim the national drink of Mexico: the Paloma for LALO tequila only. If LALO can inspire patrons to order a Paloma, instead of their go-to marg, then we are empowering a sense of  rebellion that feels fun and very individualistic, and to 

Stir things up. 


May 22nd is World Paloma Day: a day for everyone to celebrate the National Drink of Mexico. 


Our bar partnerships can spread this news.

The bars post to socials on that day to drive people to their local bars and to get the festive LALO Paloma.


For brands wanting their name out there, these are the people to reach. Bartenders are at the front line of consumer interaction.


So, we got bartenders excited to make a LALO Paloma.

We created custom bar spoons to give to bartenders, perfect for stirring a LALO Paloma.


We created a custom shaker using functional design to whip up a perfect LALO Paloma every time.


Color block measurements ensure the perfect ratio of citrus and spirit before shaking then topping off with sparkling water.


LALO made custom ceramic salt and Tajin dish sets to gift bartenders. 

Utilitario Mexicano makes cloth that is both beautiful and functional, making it the perfect partner for new LALO bar cloths. 


 This is a simple way to add a sophisticated mark to a glass of LALO Paloma, emphasizing that it truly is a sip of modern Mexico.

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